[SOLD] Decked out Sony RX100 VII

It’s time to sell my Sony RX100 VII. I realized I haven’t been using it nearly as much as I thought, especially now that I’m not traveling, and my primary use of it was as a travel camera.

It does do clean HDMI out, and it can be powered via USB, so you can use it with the ATEM Mini.

I’ve decked it out with a few fun accessories:

  • Sony Shooting Grip
  • Sony AGR2 grip - rubber grip for one side of the camera, makes it feel a lot nicer
  • 52mm Magfilter adapter - a magnetic attachment for the front of the lens so you can attach 52mm filters
  • Spare batteries and compact dual battery charger
  • Neoprene case

The camera itself retails for $1200, and I’ve added about $150-$200 of accessories to it.

Everything is in perfect working condition, tho it’s possible some of the third party batteries may not hold as much of a charge. There are no scratches or damage on the camera at all.

I’m asking $1000 for the whole kit.

I will pay shipping to anywhere in the US.

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Aaron, are you willing to go to $800?

I could be convinced! I can ship it out tomorrow, I’m already planning a post office trip.

Thanks done deal.
Can you email me at n.tod.raines@gmail.com so I don’t have to post my address on the forum.
I can pay by PayPal or check.
I am excited to add this to my equipment arsenal.

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