[SOLD] Atem Mini Pro, 3 panasonic cams + lenses & more

Full Item List (including things not pictured):

GH5 w/ VLOG upgrade installed

Panasonic 14-56mm kit lens
Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 ii
Panasonic 35-100mm f2.8 ii
Laowa Venus Optics 7.5mm Rectilinear
Sigma 16mm

5x GH5/s ON BRAND batters
2x GH5/s 3rd party batteries
1x ON BRAND G7 Battery
3x 3rd party G7 battery

Atem Mini Pro

Rode Video Mic GO (on camera mic)
3x AC power adapters (2 for gh5/s, 1 g7)
46mm VND
62mm VND w/ 58mm step down
2x 58mm Polarizer
1x GH5
1x G7 cage
1x Micro 4/3 Sensor Cleaning Kit

Include case free if you want (already cut foam & spray painted front)

$5600 total listing price. You pay shipping if shipped.

DM for more photos.

Well I submitted this a while ago and forgot about it. By the time it was live on this site, these items were no longer available.

Sorry! They’ve been sold through other avenues!