Software solution for a guest to send their PPT

Hi there!
My name is Samuel and as I stated in a previous message on this forum, I work for the Catholic University of Valencia at its multimedia lab.

Recently we moved from Wirecast to vMix for its Call function (it needs SO less resources on the guest side than Rendezvous) for the most important live shows. We’ll be using Streamyard for the regulars webinars but I’ll miss the customization that we all achieve by using a proper software like vMix.

My main concern is that there is no EASY service that let’s your guest to send their webcam and screen (which always seems to be a PowerPoint) at the same time. And I don’t want Skype (NDI problems) or Zoom (security reasons and you just have to pray so any guest doesn’t leave the room as it will change the order of their signals).

So I’m trying to find an EASY solution for a guest to send us its “PPT signal”. And I know that Powerpoint has already built a function like that but the whole purpose is to take away all the work from the guest so they only have to dedicate 5 minutes before the show, not 25 minutes trying to explain them how to make that happen.

I have an idea that I’m currently working with a programmer friend to solve this :slight_smile:

And of course I’ve done the most obviuos thing: asking previously for the PPT and move through the slides when the guest says so. But that’s a seedy solution for me.

How do you deal with that? Would you be interested in seeing “my solution”?

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Please do share your solution in the #rigs section!

There’s an agency I work with that have built a custom solution but unfortunately they’re not licensing it out. It’s a single webpage that shows the return feed as well slide control and notes. Requires slides to be sent in advance but I always do this anyway as a backup.

You could use OBS Ninja to take the slide feed but this would confuse many of my contributors, as it depends on their screen capacity.

Definitely a big gap in the market for corporate productions at the mo.


I’m using Ecamm live. If I host all content I can send the PGM back as a virtual cam over skype with the pro software. I can also apply luts etc to their camera.

OBS Ninja looks good! Problem I had is need to roll-back to v23 OBS to make it work has made my OBS unstable. I’ve completely removed and fresh install of v23 but still not working properly. @DanHarrisFilms any ideas?

We actually use this solution all the time and it works well…


I’m not using OBS extensively sorry. I’ve used the OBS Ninja URL with vMix and Wirecast to bring feeds in.

This is good bar the need for your contributors to have a second screen/a large screen and it’s Windows only. There is Keynote Live but my gigs often involve 10-20 remote contributors per day and I need a standardised approach.

Thanks @DanHarrisFilms, I’m quite tied into Mac so will continue to investigate.

Same, that’s why I’m bootcamping at the mo!

I was just about to mention that! Your guest sends you the URL to his Powerpoint and you can use ist in vMix like a normal web view!

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Yeah, but I don’t know what kind of guest you all work with but mine are usually stressed teachers or “important people” who just want to receive a link to join the live show and forget everything else. And I don’t want them to do certain things like generating me a link to their Powerpoint as easy as that would be.

My ideal approach would be to send them a link to join the sesion with their webcam AND ANOTHER ONE where they would have their PPT presentation. Just two links and everything would be set ^^

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Well, of course it does not work like this for several reasons.

I think you have a limited number of options here:

  • Your guest sends you his PPT in advance and tells you (via vMix call chat?) to move to the next slide. Not ideal but should work.

  • Your guest generates a cloud link for his PPT so he can remote control it via browser. Keep in mind, that this option gives you the highest video quality.

  • Your guest uses two devices and starts two calls, one with the PPT and one with his camera. I do not like this method as it is quite unreliable and resource-intensive.

  • Your guest downloads OBS (or vMix Trial License) and builds a picture-in-picture with webcam and desktop capture, the output will be sent to you via vMix call. Should work but you need some setup time.

Sneak peek of Live PPT!

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So Live PPT works as a webpage that allows you to control a Powerpoint file. When the speaker changes the slide, you see it. Same as Powerpoint Online but simpler: YOU (the professional) and not the guest generate very easily the link for him to control the PPT via web. So he will only be sending its webcam video and saving up resources (pc and internet).

We are getting also positive feedback for live shows as it will also eliminate the need for running cables from the projector into your ATEM/PC without the need for install software. It works on smartphones too so it can be used by the speaker as a remote slide controller.

I would be glad to hear some if you have thoughts on this. Thanks!

Neat, this is the opposite way I was assuming it worked. So you get a copy of their PPT file before the event, you load it onto a laptop connected to the switcher, then you send the presenter a link to control PPT from a web page?

Yep! Sorry if I didn’t explain it well.

  1. The presenter sends you its PPT file.
  2. You upload it to LivePPT and get two links: one for your presenter (so he can control it) and one for you to see the slide he is currently presenting (which you can then open in a laptop connected to your ATEM and get the Powerpoint signal)
  3. If you are streaming using OBS or vMix is easier: you create a web browser input, paste the url and voilà, you get its PPT signal full-screen.

Currently it doesn’t work with videos embedded in a PPT file.


Have you got transitions working? Any chance of a demo?

No transitions. We could implement some predefined transitions between slides, though.

We have this “demo”. You cannot upload your own ppt file yet:* (This one can’t control the slides. It would be “the viewer experience”)

You can also control the slide with a remote controler or with the keyboard arrow keys.

This is awesome, finish a big problem in events and conferences with panelist.

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