Small church setup

Hi all,

my name is Jens, I’m from Hamburg/Germany and I’m the person who set up the system to live stream my church’s sunday services back in May 2020. I just upgraded to the ATEM Mini Extreme last Saturday.

Our setup is specifically designed in a way, that just one person can operate presentation/lyrics, stream and audio, although we usually have two: One running presentation/lyrics and stream, the other one mixing audio for PA and stream.

Video source at the moment is a single Camcorder (Panasonic HC-V 777) connected through two BMD micro converters and 30 m of SDI cable to the ATEM. We’re planning on upgrading to two PTZ cameras later this year.

For Projection/Lyrics we use a Software called Song Beamer running on a Dell All-in-one PC. That PC also runs ATEM Software Control, Bitfocus Companion and H2R Graphics. It’s got two external monitor connections that are both connected to the ATEM Mini Extreme.

For FoH Projection we use two 75" TV sets, that are fed by one of the ATEM’s HDMI outputs via another SDI link.

Audio mixing is done in an Allen&Heath Qu-16. The stream audio is a stereo mix that’s fed into the Mic1 port of the ATEM. We don’t use the ATEM’s integrated audio mixer.

I’m really looking forward to learn from all of you and maybe at some point contribute myself.

Kind Regards,