Skype Guest on ATEM Mini Pro

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this. From what I understand, the Magewell NDI to HDMI convertor is a potential solution, but I wanted to get some thoughts before I purchased it.

I have an ATEM Mini Pro and I want to make sure I do my encoding through the ATEM. What do you think the best way to bring on a Skype guest?

1.) Via computer through HDMI?
2.) Would the Magewell NDI to HDMI work for this?
3.) What other options am I not thinking about?

I really appreciate the help on this!

Hi @RobPolonsky I have brought a Microsoft Teams Guest in using a second computer connected via HDMI to the ATEM. To stop the possiblitity of audio echo I used a cheap usb audio spliter on that computer to split audio out and audio in. Then sent the audio with a mix minus the guest audio back to the guest via Teams. The ATEM then streamed both channels of audio live.
Getting the picture was easy, the audio a little more fiddly.

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