Shameless plug, really :)

I’ve been on YouTube since 2006, actually did my first live stream in 2015, but never got too serious about it. My original channel just has loads of automotive stuff, multi-rotor flights, etc.

With the lockdowns due to the pandemic kicking in, I ventured a bit more seriously into content creation. I have a home automation channel, early last year I then started actively to live stream gaming content and I’ve since started covering video and streaming content. My content still needs a lot of polishing, but it may be helpful to some.

I’ve been into still photography for over 30 years and on the video side mainly action video filming since the very early days of the GoPro Hero 2, including 3D and 360 projects.

I’m a gear head and there’s lots of gear to cover and approaches, that haven’t been covered properly elsewhere (to my knowledge).

My video / streaming content can be found on most platforms under “Emerald Audio Visual”.

My home automation stuff can be found under “Castlelost Home Automation”.

As I only just subscribed to the forum, I can actually not link my channel here.

At the moment, I’m working on and am maturing an over the top IRL streaming backpack consisting of an Atem Mini, a Nvidia Jetson Nano running Belabox (multi-carrier h265 encoder), a RasPi4 running Cosmostreamer to integrate a DJI Pocket 2 into the feed, optionally being able to add a feed from a DJI Mavic 3 or an Insta 360 One X2 in and much much more.