Setup for live streaming a Pro Wrestling Event

Hey guys,

my name is Franz and I’m from Berlin, Germany. Generally I work for Pro Wrestling organizations as video editor. My “home promotion” is the “German Wrestling Federation” based in Berlin, where I am the Head of Video - or the one guy that does everything video related :smiley:

The GWF is a small company so the video production side is fairly low budget, but I think we make the most of it. Occasionally I also live stream our events (when I have enough Camera men available).

Here is how the venue looks like:

I don’t have photos available of my event set-up, since there are no events at the moment :smiley: But here is a short list for our live video production:

Video Switcher: Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio (yes, the original one, with 1080i50 but mainly use 720p50)
Cameras: Sony AX53 (I just love these for the price-performance ratio) and when I’m not live editing I’m filming as well with my Sony A6400 + 18-105mm (fantastic AF, 1080p120 and can record for hours without overheating)
Audio Mixer: Samson MixPad MXP124FX (hooked up to our commentary team, Camera’s audio and audio mixer of the venue, the built-in compressor is great for the commentary team which often switches between normal speaking voice and shouting, USB interface is pretty noisy, but doesn’t matter because there is always crowd sound on for the stream anyway)
Audio Recorder: TASCAM DR40
Commentary Headset: Shure WH20XLR
Capture Card: Avermedia U3 (had that from my gaming days already)
Encoder: OBS

plus bunch of adapters, way too long cables etc. etc.

Since Pro Wrestling is so action packed, lots of switches aren’t perfectly timed. I usually don’t leave the live broadcast online and upload a refined version later on. I have a self written script that allows me to log my switches from the ATEM and bring those into a video editor along with all the local recordings. With that I have a true multicam track from the live broadcast and readjust everything as I would have if I’d have a normal post production multicam edit.

I’m planning to show more of this and other cheap & creative techniques on my new YT channel, which hopefully I can plug in the other category - but unfortunately it doesn’t allow me to post links :smiley:

If you have any questions just me know :slight_smile: