Setup for ATEM Mini Pro Live Q&A stream

All set up for my livestream! Two ATEM Mini Pros, one is actually streaming to YouTube and the other one is set up to be able to test stuff on the stream. (Pictured is the night before with the ATEM mini since the other Pro was at home that night)

I’ve got an iPad running Strata Macros to control the main Pro for the stream, switching camera angles and showing the chat on the screen.

I’ve got two cameras on the main ATEM, and two other cameras for the test ATEM. Next time I’m going to just use HDMI splitters to get the two main cameras into both ATEMs.


All set up for tomorrow’s stream! Similar to last week, but I have a new monitor and I’ve got three ATEM Minis to play with for the stream!

The monitor I’ve been using is 1920x1200 which is awkward because it ends up with bars on the side when it tries to fit into 1920x1080. Also that monitor is like 10 years old and still has a VGA port.


Sorry if I’ve missed it on your YT Aaron, but which light are you using for your background?

It’s two of the Philips Hue Bloom lights sitting on the floor!


@aaronpk What Dell Monitor did you go with here back in May? 4k? 27"?

I was about to pull the trigger on a new Dell 4k 27" myself here this week, waffled on the decision for a day or two and now its out of stock everywhere until October/November! :disappointed_relieved:

I’m in the same boat with a 10+ year old 1920x1200 monitor, currently forcing it into 1920x1080 with black bars on the top/bottom. And my monitor has not only VGA, but S-Video and component video too!! :joy: Adapting the HDMI to DVI to work with this thing.

I ended up getting two of these 24" Dell monitors!

They’re great, they are 1920x1080 so they work great as a multiview from the ATEM as well as for mirroring your screen into the ATEM at the right resolution. They are also in stock!

Thanks @aaronpk ,
The “Infinity Edge” on those Dell’s look so sharp! Just looking at the monitor above next to the old samsung, the Dell looks so pro with the consistent narrow bezel.

My only reservation is that, if I’m going to invest in new equipment, I was thinking 4k UHD even if I run it in FHD resolution. Because its exactly 1/4 the pixels, it should scale cleanly and allow me to go to 4k one day down the road. Decisions, decisions… the 4k does increase the price a fair bit too…

I noticed a DP out. Will it pass through an input (HDMI)? thx

unlikely, DP out is probably just for DP daisy chaining

Hey Aaron, what is the monitor mount system you are using? The one you showed in your table rebuild video, I can seem to find one with the extra arms and such you had on there.

Hope all is well.


It’s the WALI system, they sell full kits and individual pieces!

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a while back I couldn’t find the WALI units so I ended up with the VIVO mounts and they are also quite excellent and very sturdy (if you needed an alternative)

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Cool! Those look almost identical to the WALI ones. I wonder if it’s the same manufacturer sold under two different names.