Settings for OBS

Since I just got my ATEM today I figured I would test out H2RG with OBS

The Fade transition (default for all features) does not function as expected with the OBS Chroma Key filter applied to window or display capture. Perhaps there is a better option for using H2R Graphics with OBS.

Hello Karl,

Why not use the chromakey that is built in to the ATEM instead of using the chromafilter in OBS? Maybe this video can help you.

I was using H2R without the ATEM in that case.

Ok, maybe someone else can help you.

I never used chromakey in OBS itself. My laptop doesnt have enough resources to get a good stream going. Its more choppy.

Personally, I only started using chromakey with the Atem Mini. Now it does everything you can imagine and the quality of videos is superb.