Send online alpha to Atem

Hello guys, Raphael here from Switzerland!
I come here with a pretty specific question/issue.

We are a web streaming studio and we want to be able to run a full workflow of production through Black magic Atem ecosystem. Right now we are able to do everything we wish/need but for one thing: send alpha overlays from OBS to our ATEM 2M/E production 4K and/or our Atem mini pro iso.
We need this to be able to show online generated overlays like new subs and so on.

Would anybody have an answer, it would save my brain!

The best way probably is to have a Decklink card with RGBA support, OBS can output key and fill on it, then plug both outputs into ATEM and configure keyers accordingly.

Thanks for the answer! Deck link is an option indeed! But is there anything that would work with a laptop? Sorry, I didn’t specify that we would like to have a setup we can take out of the studio, for live events for instance.

Would there be a solution with an external device?

BMD UltraStudio is the external Decklink. HD Mini has alpha support for 1080p30 or lower.
Or thunderbolt pcie enclosure.

Oh! Nice to know! So if I understand your tip correctly:

Run Sreamlabs OBS on the computer. Output the signal through HDMI to Ultra Studio Mini, then run the signal through 2 SDI (Fill/Key) to our ATEM 2M/E. Is that correct?

No, connect UltraStudio via thunderbolt to the computer, use it as Decklink from OBS.

Ok perfect! Thanks!!!

No budget for the ultra studio right now but I think I found a cheap fix.
Sending all my visuals from OBS with a green background through HDMI through our Atem Mini down the line and use the keyer inside.

I don’t know how I didn’t think of it before.

Kind of a dirty fix but will do the job at the moment.