Seeking balanced audio (1/4 TRS or XLR) to HDMI audio embedder

I’ve pre-ordered an ATEM Mini Extreme which will be an upgrade from my ATEM Mini Pro. I’m super pleased with the feature set of the Extreme and it solves nearly every problem that I had to develop work-arounds for with the Pro, except the audio input issue. With my current camera and various video input needs, I would top out at 6 or 7 for any production that I’d really ever be working on, leaving me an HDMI input that could be used for audio-only.

Sure, the pair of unbalanced stereo mini TRS jacks work fine, but I’d really love a way to connect my pro audio gear to my ATEM Mini Extreme with balanced cables, either XLR or 1/4 TRS, to help support long cable runs.

I’ve seen some audio injector boxes that have unbalanced stereo audio inputs and HDMI outputs, but I’m not seeing any with a balanced stereo audio input. And I’ve seen boxes with balanced audio inputs and SDI outputs, but none with balanced audio inputs and HDMI output.

Anyone aware of one?

I just feed audio from my pro sound gear directly to a camera via xlr. Works great every time.
So even if you don’t want the image you could use a camera to provide the link you nned between a pro mixer to an hdmi feed.

None of my gear that have HDMI outputs also have stereo balanced audio inputs.

I could run the audio out of my mixer to an audio interface that is connected to a computer that has HDMI out, but, I’m not going to do that. Hoping for a simple box instead.

You could use a converter like this and go into the audio inputs:
Converts from balanced to unbalanced and +4 to -10.

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+1 for the Rolls MB15b Promatch - it was recommended on the black magic forums for getting balanced signals into the Atem Mini’s 1/8" audio inputs and have a few users vouching for it over their.