Seeking advice on portable setup for recording and streaming handbell concerts in a variety of venues


I recorded a handbell concert using my iPhone 13 and a shotgun mic in December and produced surprisingly good results. Now they want me to produce more professional results and also livestream on occasions.

Based on a crawl, walk, run approach I think I’ve spec’d out some initial purchases - mics, stands, cables, and a single camera. There is still a lot to think about.

I’ve a couple of decisions to make that I think are important for shaping the future architecture.

Some guiding thoughts:

  • While I have some great Macs (M1, 32GB RAM, 1TB disk) I’d prefer to do as much of the work on dedicated hardware to emphasize getting a good recording with as few sources of error as possible.
  • Crawl, walk, run - I want to develop a good foundation, get comfortable using it, and then add to it

Current questions:

  1. Should I mix the audio and then feed it into the video mixer or doing it all in one device? I really want to ensure I get a solid audio recording. Video is nice to have, and livestreaming is nice, but without good audio the rest does not matter

  2. How to package everything? There are some nice ATEM fly away cases out there but they’re somewhat expensive and probably overkill. I have room to carry several equipment cases, usually have space for a table to set up, and time to set up. That said, plugging and unplugging cables all the time may lead to errors and wear and tear. Should I consider a small rackmount case? That looks like a cleaner portable solution.

  3. Any suggestions for a 4G router with both a hotspot and wired Ethernet? Cradlepoint?

Thank you very much.


Hi David, welcome to the forum!

I totally agree with your guiding thoughts. My 3¢ on your three questions:

  1. A separate mixer will provide much more control than a built in mixer. But a little known trick, the ATEM line of switcher can user a hardware midi mixer to give you tactile controls to the software audio mixing interface

  2. Check out the Share Your Rigs section of this forum, some good inspiration there.

  3. The Peplink/Pepwave products are pretty nice. @aaronpk recommends GL.iNet products, they have some cool features and much better priced than Pepwave products but one downside: they don’t officially support Verizon SIMs.

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Thank you very much!