Running 2 instances of atem software on windows

This is no question, it is a solution!
I have 2 atem mini’s and wanted to run the software control FOR BOTH on 1 windows laptop.
Tried different ways, and found an easy solution!

  1. Create an extra user in windows
  2. Find the location of the atem software control.exe file
  3. Shift Right “run as administrator”click & select “run as different user”
  4. Fill in credentials
  5. BINGO

Have fun!
Geert ”dasferm”


I wonder if you can just download two different versions of the atem software and run them at the same time?. I haven’t tried it yet.

I have tried it and it was not working that way.

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For me it was much easier to run companion and have pages on a stream deck for each atem the setup is longer but works after it is all set

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I also run companion, but it is easier to create the macros when you have both atem’s software running on one laptop to configure the macros’s.