RTMP to HDMI adapter

I recently stumbled on the febon rtmp to hdmi adapter (https://www.febon.net/products/febon-local-ethernet-rtmp-to-hdmi-adapter). Looks somehow promising. Especially for doing webinars and keep your usb-port free for recording (instead of using it for the webcam). And the latency of 200ms seems pretty sweet.

Does anybody have experience with this product or the company? I’m not sure how trustworthy it is.

Another Idea would be, if someone creates an rtmp to webcam (usb) adapter. That would solve all my problems and I would be the happiest man alive :crazy_face: Maybe somebody knows somebody how can do this?

Take a look at my guide using a RPI to receive and output rtmp. Raspberry Pis go for only around $50 so definitely more budget friendly if you can configure it yourself. I’d recommend a Raspberry Pi 4 starter kit that comes with a case and power cable as you’ll likely need these anyway.
RTMP has some inherent delay of around 3-8 seconds so your display shouldn’t be used for live, time critical monitoring but would definitely be useful.

Aaron also made a video explaining the process :


Thanks for your response. I also thought about that. But 3-8seconds are to much, if I want to use it as webcam-feed.
But I found a rtmp to hdmi decoder from URayTech and ordered it. I will share my thoughts about it as soon as I will get it.