Roland's Answer to the ATEM Mini

Judging by this new Roland Youtube video the solution is buy a $299 Magwell HDMI to USB add it to the $995 Roland V-1hd and you have a $295 ATEM Mini.

@aaronpk and @john haven’t both of you tested the V-1HD in the past? Is there anything you can recall that would make it worth the additional $1k?

The 1hd has a BPM tap which if you set really low can act as an automatic camera switch. it has a freeze frame but no still . Has a fade to black and a fade to white. Not too much else that i can report. The Atem Mini makes them totally redundant. We own 8 of them and also a couple of SDI once.

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There’s also all the VFX which are useful for some things I guess but I’ve never actually used them.

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Colourpass might be cool but in truth we own a full Watchout server so anything that would want that we’d just use that instead.

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I just realized how silly the suggestion of getting a USB capture card for the V-1HD is… that would cost $1000+300 = $1300 total. The VR1-HD is $1500 and has a USB output itself, plus a lot more features than the V-1HD, so that seems like a far better option to suggest.

It would be really interesting if Roland released a version with an h264 encoder and ethernet jack tho!

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To be fair to Roland, they’re going to have to play catch up a bit. I’m sure their next low end switcher product will be something comparable to the Atem Mini range. The truth is none of their lower range products have a USP and they’ve gone from having a couple of great budget Switchers to having two products that are essentially obsolete to new buyers at those prices.

Roland’s next move is going to be fascinating.