Rodecaster for voiceover


I’d need to mix a live translation from a lecture coming out of 1 atem that streams the original voice, with another atem that will stream the program with the additional voiceover.

I was thinking putting a rodecaster pro in-between using a HDMI audio extraction device.

Does anybody know if it is possible with the rodecaster to:

  • let the interpretor monitor the audio input only ?
  • let the technician monitor the 2-channel mix output ?

Thank you

I would put all the audio into an single audio mixer that has the capabilities of multiple AUX channels to route the audio how you would need it.

Needing 2 ATEM Mini Pros is not necessary. I would do this with the Extreme instead of the ATEM Mini Pro and an external encoder for the live translation feed.

The English feed would come from the Extreme with English audio coming in the Mic port using line mode from the Audio Mixer

For the translated feed, I would use the second HDMI out on the Extreme to an external encoder (choose any brand as well as BM) as long as the external encoder can a) add a separate audio input from the Audio Mixer of the live translation audio and b) can choose which audio to attach to the video to send out the encoder as you will just need the video from the Extreme.

Hope that helps.

Hi @mlatta

Now I understand: the key information is to have multiple AUX, something the Rodecaster pro doesn’t provide.

I already got 2 atem mini (1 extreme and 1 pro) and no other encoder, so that will do the job.

Thank you very much for your input

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My understanding is the Rodecaster is best for podcasts (that was their initial thought behind the unit) so it is best to get an audio mixer (depending on budget I would suggest digital mixer) and then you can have more flexibility with the audio for any type of event in the future.

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Thanks. Any small budget suggestion ? :pray:

I use behringer XR18 for such cases, but XR12, a cheaper one, should also do the trick, especially since it has 2 jack auxes, so probably less problem with cables etc, but you need a phone / tablet / pc to control it since it has no physical controls.

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