Restream vs vs

What is everyone using? I have tried but sometimes our YouTube stream would not show up. Anyone else having issues

I’ve got a Restream pro account. YouTube “stream now” stopped working correctly last month and I haven’t checked the integration since then. I probably should have contacted support, they’re usually very good about it.

Make sure you did all the “is this for children” BS that YouTube added recently. I created a new brand account and they had me answer that question for a livestream as well in the account settings.


I like using Vimeo which has so much more features than Youtube (including reuploading a video without losing stats) and does restream countless other platforms without a glitch. Costs 70€/m which is “affordable” for all the services they provide.

my personal anecdotes: about a year ago I was doing some mobile livestreaming and also encountered a few intermittent glitches with castr - but I have not really tried it since then. my peers who use restream have been raving about it recently and encouraging me to give it a go.