Replacing Hyperdeck Studio Mini Fan

Hello everyone

Having watched @aaronpk with his new quiet Hyperdeck I was curious to find out what the original fan connector is and I have found the answer, which may be of help to anyone else thinking of replacing the fan, but not wanting to cut off the original fan’s connector in case you wanted to restore it to its noisy old self.

The connector you need is a JST ZH 1.5mm Connector plug - 4 pin - with wires already attached. These are widely available on eBay and Amazon.

The fan kit that the guy on iFixit used (and Aaron I think too) is the Noctua NF-A4x20 PWM (12volt). The kit contains four Omnijoin adapters, so there is no need to solder anything! My advice is to remove most (if not all of the shielding sleeve on the new fan) so the wires fit more easily in the Hyperdeck case. Follow the wiring diagram on the iFixit page since the colour of the wires on your new connector may not match the existing fan and probably not the new fan either.

It’s a 10 minute job at most, and you can keep the original fan and connector intact in case you need to put it back.

Of course, as Aaron and iFixit point out, you do this AT YOUR OWN RISK and it will void any warranty you have.


Thank you! I ordered these connectors and am going to attempt this on my Television Studio HD next.

One of the weird things about the omnijoin connectors that came with the fan is that the wires from the new connector were too thin for the little things to crimp down on and they just fell out. I’m going to try again, but may have to resort to soldering them again anyway.

I did film the whole process of swapping the fan so I’m hoping to edit that together at some point so you can see what I’m talking about.

That’s great - hope I didn’t jump the gun and steal your thunder! The omnijoin connectors are OK (you do have to make sure the wires are pushed right the way in), but I think soldering (with heatshrink) is arguably a better and neater solution.

I just need to work out how to quieten down my Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine Pro and 16-port switches (2 of them) fans. They are worse than the Hyperdeck Studio Mini!

Good to know about the connectors, thank you! I did a “cut’n’shut” job on mine. Snipped off the cables of the old fan and soldered them to the Noctua and added some heatshrink tube. Does the job, but obviously not as neat as using proper connectors. Then again, if all goes well, I’ll never open that box ever again :smiley:

No worries!

The problem I had with the connectors is that one of the wires was too thin for the little metal piece inside to grab, so they just slid off.

I also didn’t have any heat shrink available so mine is a big mess of electrical tape inside :joy:

Can you post the links to the fan and the connector on Amazon please?

I bought mine from eBay in the UK:

eBay UK listing

Here is another listing on This one you get 10 sets… listing

Another link for US:

@aaronpk may have details of where he bought his from?

I noticed on there are no matching products at the moment ( does).

Not sure if the eBay guy in the UK ships internationally.

Hope that helps.


Someone tracked them down on Amazon US! Mine are arriving today so we’ll see if they’re actually the right ones!