Remote view of MV

Today i thought of using my old atem mini pro connected inline with my multi view of my extreme So i would come out of extreme and into mini and then into my tv. My plan is to stream my multi view to a private YouTube channel so that i can see what my crew is doing when i am not onsite. What i am wondering if it is possible to do this with limited delay? So possible i could even switch from a remote location too. Is anyone doing this? Any advise as to how i would connect to the control software from outside the network? Could i just use zoom or teams to view desktop and to give control?

I’ve been working on an app for this very purpose!

Working slowly towards getting it out there and adding a caller feature.

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I think I’m trying to do close to the same. I’ve revived a few different answers to this recently but I’m looking for most efficient way so still asking around a any help would be appreciated.

I can’t figure out an answer to this.

We will have my wife going live for art lessons me we will be recording videos all with the atem mini extreme iso. It’s a tight fit in there with 3 cameras a desk and all the gear, rodecaster pro and monitors so nowhere really for me to sit and control stream while she does the art.

I have a streaming bridge .

How can I control the entire atem mini extreme iso from a different room in the house?

Basically I will need to see the multi view only and she can see the program out from the 2nd output.

But I wonder if it’s possible that I can make the cuts to different camera and control the PIP and control media player etc .

Basically my wife is doing art with all 3 cameras, and the atem mini extreme in the same room with a net gear switch so everything connected to Ethernet .

And while she is doing art in that studio room with all the gear. How can I control the entire show from my desktop computer in the office of same house?

I have a quad hdmi deck link built into my desktop in case that helps anything. Thanks

In the same house. You can control the software by just having a a laptop running the atem software control or an app on an iPad. To view the multi view would be a bit harder unless you use a wireless HDMI transmitter plugged into your MV

For remote MultiView, you have some possibilities:

  1. Get an HDMI to NDI convertor box like a BirdDog mini. Plug MV HDMI into BirdDog. BirdDog converts the HDMI signal to NDI which you can monitor in your office. Latency will be less than a second. BirdDog would need to be connected to Ethernet.

  2. Get an HDMI to SDI converter and run SDI cable from the studio to your office DeckLinks are.

Thinking about both OP @Mdonnery and @JarredS 's questions.

As several have noted, controlling the ATEM on the local network is trivial; if you want to do so remotely, you need a safe way to get the ATEM control out onto the local network. I believe @aaronpk has done this via VPNs on a Raspberry Pi. Depending on your use case, It might be easier/safer to do the external bit by running Bitfocus Companion on the local network, and then controlling it remotely over a secured connection (rather than trying to run ATEM control directly).

For remote multiview, you need to get the HDMI encoded/online somehow. NDI (per @atow) is one option if you want to keep it on your local network. Especially if you want to view offsite, you could also look at SRT, RTMP, or OBS Ninja options. Some creativity with e.g., a Raspberry Pi and a cheap USB capture card could even let you put something together at very low cost if that’s a priority.