Remote Production Setup

With the switch to remote we’ve been utilising a lot of our field hardware such as the Shogun 7 and Ninja V. There’s also an ATEM TVS HD, Hyperdeck Mini and a MacBook Pro running vMix as the main caller/switching software.


Shogun takes 2x Canon C200 and a GoPro Hero 7 Black.

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Super nice setup! Really nice photos too :smiley:

That’s an awful lot of switchers! How do you use the TVS and vMix together?

It differs per gig but I normally use the TVS for various VT, as an example this would be laptops running:
Qlab - pre record
Qlab - break videos with holding music
Technical issues graphics on MP1 and 2.

I run a program return back into vMix so hosts and contributors can watch along, this also allows me to create a safe audio environment where I can chat to them, get them settled before we go live. Could do it with audio busses but when running shows by yourself I’ve found that too many audio busses can confuse!

A few weeks ago this was the setup but it’s being honed with each iteration.n


Hi Dan,

Nice Setup!

I see 8 vmix call and probably 2 input (VT & slides).
Can you tell us your macbook pro version for vmix? (About this mac informations: processor, memory, graphics card).

What is your render-time in vmix?
Is it easy for your macbook?
Bootcamp mode? Windows 10?

Thanks a lot.