Remote Live Video Production Setup [mimoLive, Webcaster X2, Zoom]

Hi everyone!

Glen from the Philippines here! I run a livestreaming/live video production company called Upstream Media PH. Because of the situation, I’ve been forced to adjust (like most people) to the new normal and most things remote.

Here are some photos of my current setup!

Some of the hardware/software used:

  • mimoLive (MacBook Pro) for video mixing, graphics, and editing
  • Epiphan Webcaster X2 for encoding to Facebook
  • Zoom for bringing people in (connected to a Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder
  • Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini to feed directions to the guests and return a PGM feed

Hoping I can bring in another computer to setup a NewBlue Titler Live for GFX.

Thanks for putting together this forum!


Very nice! Can you clarify what you mean by feeding directions to the guests? Nice idea of feeding the Zoom call back in to the feed! Definitely an easy way to bring guests in!

Thanks Aaron! So, I use the ATEM Mini with the Zoom laptop on the left. That way, I can use my camera and mic to talk to the participants in the call. And, because it’s mix minus on the HDMI out for the audio, it won’t be captured back to the mixing laptop, which runs mimoLive. Then, the monitor output of mimoLive is fed back into the ATEM Mini (HDMI 1) to show it to the Zoom participants. Then the ATEM Mini’s HDMI out (which is a direct output), is fed to the Webcaster X2 for encoding to the stream!

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Hi Glen! Very cool setup. One question please - how do you control the layout of individual people your bringing in via Zoom in the overall broadcast? I switched from Zoom to Skype NDI as could not see how to do that in Zoom reliably.

Thank you Tim!
I control the individual layout of the people by cropping each person, and putting them in a different position in the layout. So, it’s 1 source with several instances or layers. :slight_smile:
I wanted to try Skype NDI but I still find Zoom’s overall call quality the best. Hope this helps!

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Can you tell me about about how you bring in the Zoom? So you use mix minus?

It’s already automatic since Zoom doesn’t bring your microphone out through the HDMI.