Remote controlling PhotoJoseph's livestream over Zoom

Kind of an unconventional “setup” today…

The ATEM Software Control app on my computer is connected to PhotoJoseph’s ATEM 2ME over a VPN, and we have a Zoom call going where I can see the multiview from the switcher. I’m going to be live switching while he demonstrates a product live while also recording for an edited version later. Hopefully all goes well!

Here’s a link to the show!


Well that didn’t work out, but not for the reasons we were worried about.

For some reason Joseph’s upload bandwidth was being limited so much that it was causing so many dropped frames in the stream. We even rigged up an elaborate workaround to have him stream from his studio to mine and then I’d push to YouTube, but I was seeing the same dropped frames from his ISO to my Streaming Bridge. Oh well, we’re rescheduling til later!

We’re going to try again on Tuesday! He has two internet uplinks now so hopefully it will work better!


It actually worked great this time!

Well, mostly great, my iPad disconnected a few times, so I mainly controlled it from the computer. I should have plugged the iPad in to ethernet.

We also used Skype this time which didn’t mangle the multiview quality nearly as much. I couldn’t read the labels on Zoom, but it was totally fine on Skype. Still downscaled from 1080, but a reasonable amount.

The delay wasn’t bad at all, honestly it didn’t really feel any different from switching a show locally where you don’t have direct visibility of the set from a control room.