Release: v0.2.0

:tada::tada::tada: v0.2.0 released :tada::tada::tada:

Lots of goodiesโ€ฆ
Feature: Images: Show images to your viewers, from your local machine or a URL.
Feature: Chat auto-refreshes every 60 seconds.
Feature: Privacy mode for Chat to show/hide certain information.
Feature: Custom CSS and positioning for Chat.
Feature: Chat messages now have a duration so they hide after a certain amount of time.

Fix: Paste the full YouTube URL into the Chat tab, or just the ID, both work.
Fix: Shown chat messages will now be greyed out for better visual tracking.



Hi John,

Thank you for the great software!!! It was great before and you keep making it better.

I really appreciate your hard work and talent and especially that you are so generous to give us all this great tool for free.

Thanks again!


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Thanks Tim! I appreciate your appreciation!

I so appreciate the work you do on H2R, and the efforts you make to share it with us.

This new release is perfectly timed for a big event we have scheduled for this weekend. Thank you so much!


Hope the event goes well! Share a link with us/me if you can!