Release: v0.1.0

A new release for H2R Graphics was posted today to bring YouTube live chat to all users.

See the release video here

More updates include…
Feature: Control OSC over the network.
Feature: Themes can be updated and removed.
Feature: Message feature is now a text area (great for multi-line messages).

Fix: Text can no longer be accidentally selected in the output windows.
Fix: Fixes for ticker position and size.
Fix: H2R Graphics is now notarized for macOS (which should mean it launches without security issues).

Download now:


Testdriving it now. Im really enthiousiastic about the YT chat integration.

Compliments too on the tutorial of getting an API to work. I followed them and it works in one try. Thanks!


I used this on my livestream this week and it went really well! I was pleasantly surprised that the manual refresh button for the chat wasn’t nearly as annoying as I had been worried about. I did have the real YouTube chat window open next to it so I could keep an eye on what people were saying in real time but going thru the questions in the H2R chat was just fine!


Let me know how it goes Eki!

And I’m glad to hear that Aaron, I too was surprised that the refresh doesn’t really bother me. I also had the chat open just in case there was an issue during the stream or something

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Awesome update @john :sunglasses:
Thanks for all the hard work.


I also tried this new update and it works perfect! big respect for the tutorial on hoe to get an API to work.
Massive Thanks!

Excellent update - can’t wait to use this in anger on Sunday evening…