Release: v0.0.8

Super excited to announce the latest version of H2R Graphics - which brings some bug fixes and improvements.

Download v.0.0.8 here.

As always, comments and feedback are welcome!


John - Really love this app. With the YouTube chat overlay @aaronpk started using, I thought of H2R Graphics immediately as benefitting from adding that overlay feature as well. You seem to use a CSS and JS framework as part of your dev platform, so maybe it might be doable?

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  1. I noticed that using OBS window capture on the Chroma window, the mouse cursor is visible when I move over it (even when another window is over top of the Chroma window).

I’m not sure the best way to workaround this for OBS. For the capture card use-case it shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. With Windows 10 the title bar is visible on the capture device. I can workaround this with a crop (or using OBS’s client area). I would accept going fullscreen borderless while reverting to windowed as soon as the client area is clicked. Another alternative is the alt-enter keyboard shortcut (common for games).

certainly! It’s been on my list for a while but this “simple” option might be a good start for sure.

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This is indeed an issue, though my workaround is to drag the chroma window off screen so that you can only see a little bit of it at the side of your monitor. This way you will never mouse over it!

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Regarding question 2, is the title bar visible in fullscreen mode (Ctrl-F)? I expected it to go away when I maximized the window by double clicking on the title bar (like Zoom), but fullscreen mode hides the title bar for me (on Windows 10 as well).