Recording Zoom presentation throught atem mini pro

I do a lot of corporate - zoom presentations. I bought the atem mini pro and my 3 camera set up with powerpoint on another computer is working fantastic. I want to record my presentations but OBS will only record the audio, the video is black. If I open OBS first it will record fine but Zoom will not see the atem. Can I record out of my Lillpot monitors out, what gear would I need?

You could run you’re ATEM mini pro into OBS and then download a plug-in for OBS to use OBS as a virtual cam and then use OBS as the camera input in zoom. You may also have to download an app to output OBS audio as a virtual Mic. You could also use the usb-c output of the ATEM mini for Zoom and use the HDMI output in to a recorder or go into a USB or thunderbolt Capture card and then into OBS for recording but then you wouldn’t have multiview.

Here are the plug-ins and applications for Mac.
OBS Virtual Camera Output:
Virtual Mic Output:

Thank You. Could I run out of my multiview monitors hdmi out to a camlink than to my second computer to record?

yes, but then you’ll record your multiview

If I put it on program view on the monitor would that work?

yes, that would work