Recording device for all inputs?

I am using an ATEM Mini Pro, but would like to record the other inputs, not just the program.

With cameras I can record locally, but for sources like laptops, etc, it would be nice to record those as well.

Anyone have suggestions for a device that will record all inputs angles separately to a single SSD or SD card?

You could attach an HDMI recorder on each input before the ATEM Mini, but that’s going to add up fast since the cheapest one you’ll find is likely $200 or more.

The Shogun 7 is a monitor and switcher and can record each of the 4 inputs separately as well as the program out. At that point you’d only be using the ATEM Mini Pro for streaming the program feed though.

For PCs look into using Voicemeeter or OBS to capture A/V.

An all in one solution likely requires a more powerful AV deck.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll take a look.

Thanks Aaron. Huge thank you as well for your instructional content on the Atem switchers.