Record streaming when the USB out is connected to the laptop

Hi everyone, I’m trying to stream through the atem mini pro at the same time:

  • videos through OBS
  • a zoom meeting.
    In order to do so, I need to connect the USB out from the atem mini to the laptop to connect the Zoom meeting. I could use OBS to record the stream, but I also need it to send videos to the stream.
    So I don’t know how to record the stream. Any suggestion?

If I understand this correctly…

You could run two instances of OBS one for video playback that you can output over HDMI to the ATEM and one for recording that is getting the ATEM USB feed and ZOOM would also get the same USB feed. Then you can also stream from the ATEM and have your video playback.

Hi, I don’t get it how I can record the atem mini program view from the OBS

Allright, What I did is open a new OBS program and set the Blackmagic as video device and then I could record. Is correct to open two OBS programs?
It worked for me, or there is better way.

Yes you open 2 obs programs. One for recording one for the video playback

I use the HDI out for program (ATEM Mini - not Pro) and feed that into a 5" BM Video Assist.
I can record to SD card and the quality is great. Many codecs to choose from and easy to use. I will record the Zoom meeting and the ATEM output then stitch the Zoom audio into the ATEM program out video for a full HD Zoom recording.

Thanks guys. I currently don’t have an external monitor, so I will record with OBS opening a new program.

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