Raspberry Pi


I saw that there is a Linux version of the H2R Graphics. Is it possible to use it on a Raspberry PI?
It would be marvelous to be able to have Companion and H2R Graphics on the same Pi.



Yes! H2R and Companion on a Pi! Has anyone tried this? I’m surprised there isn’t any more activity in this thread, seems like a perfect solution.


I have little to none knowledge of Linux and Raspberry…
Tried to install the package on the Pie. Neither a bland pie image or the companion image worked. It seems that the package is for x86 and the pie is not. If there is a way around I do not know.

I haven’t seen a linux/pi release of H2R graphics, but John did say something about it possibly coming soon in his original demo video. I was wondering if the Pi version was out there somewhere in beta and I just hadn’t found it yet… In any case, hopefully we will get a Pi version before too long.

There is a Linux beta version, but I haven’t tried it myself given many people have had mixed results using it with a RPi. You can find the betas in the H2R Discord Server