Raspberry Pi only outputs to ATEM Mini Input 1

Hopefully someone has a suggestion.
I have setup a RPi to run Jonas’ Hyperdeck emulator which is working great so far, but the HDMI output from the RPi only works into INPUT 1 of the ATEM Mini. I have tried ATEM Mini and ATEM Pro ISO and same results.

I know there is something different about input 1 (though not quite sure what it is) but any ideas what’s going on? I’m using a longish HDMI cable coming from the Pi (10ft), could that be it?

It’s not a big deal, but it’s messing with my OCD having to have VT playback on 1 !


Hm, I also am using Playoutbee on a Raspberry Pi 4 and I have it on input 4 on my ATEM Mini Pro with no trouble.

Are you using a Raspberry Pi 4? Have you tried the other HDMI output on it?

@Nate Yea I have RPi 4 and the other HDMI output gives me nothing at all. I read somewhere that you should use the output nearest the power if you are only using a single screen.

I’ve tried all frame rates on the ATEMs incase that was it, but struggling to think of any other factors.

It’s definitely worth a try to test a different cable, if you have another micro-HDMI to HDMI cable to test with. I’m using the ones that @aaronpk recommended in the make-a-Raspberry-Pi-an-RTMP-receiver tutorial.

No problems running my Playout Bee into input 3 with a 6’ cable.

Try with another cable, or there’s something wrong with your pi.
It seems input 1 on ATEM mini is more sensitive to bad signals or something like that (it uses different hdmi chip because of direct routing)

Could be related to the HDMI output format on the Raspberry Pi. Try to set it to match your ATEM Mini’s settings.