Raspberry Pi Hyperdeck

Hi. I’m posting this here as I think it will be most relevant to users of the Atem Mini switchers. I came across this Github repository a while a go through an @aaronpk video. Anyone know of any alternativest that work with an Atem Mini (+Pro+ISO…) or know what is going on with Jonas and his project? It would be fantastic to get to use a RPi for playback without having to spend the amount required for a HyperDeck Studio Mini.


Hey @Ivar ,
Sorry for the late Response I just saw your post.

I am the Author of that Github Repo, I decided to take the Sourcecode private and refactored almost everything. I have it working for Windows and Raspberrypi and will start selling in in the next 2
Weeks for around 15 €.

If you want an email as soon as it’s available to buy just write me one at jonas@bytehive.de and I will happily reply to you.

Greetings Jonas Dautel

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Thanks a lot. Will email you.

FYI the new app is ready!

Thanks. I just gave it a go and I’m having some issues with videos not being visible in the app after upload. The progressbar just remains at 100%. I’m using the image on a RPi3B+. @Jonas_Dautel How do you prefer to do support on this app?

There are 2 Ways :

  1. you can email me at jonas@bytehive.de
  2. you can join the Discord or contact me there
    Discord is under discord.bytehive.tools

It turned out the problem was due to the file partition was out of space. All worked fine after extending the partition. Thanks a bunch to @Jonas_Dautel for quick support via discord! What a champ!