Rack mount an ATEM mini?

I’m just curious if anyone has worked out a clever way to Rack mount an ATEM mini/ pro. Because of its design it seems like you could put it on a rack mounted draw and just leave slack for the cabling, but just curious if anyone came up with another solution. I’m still waiting on mine to arrive, but hoping to bring it around as a part of a mobile rig (you know when we can be mobile again).

You can ziptie the ATEM Mini models between the input 2 and 3 buttons and the AUTO and FTB buttons. The only problem is that I recommend you don’t change your HDMI in 1 while doing this or the tie might slip and block that port.

I’ve done this to secure my Mini Pro to a wire cage letterbox for my bag-style rig.

That sounds really clever, do you have a picture of how it looks. I like the idea of being able to have a bag or a case I could bring into a space and be ready to go.

While I haven’t mounted my ATEM Mini yet, I’ve done a lot of similar gear mounting work with music equipment. 3M Dual Lock often ends up being the best way to mount items that weren’t designed to be securely mounted. A little bit goes a long way with Dual Lock, a strip on either end will likely be adequate. Possibly more critical would be adequate strain relief for any cables you leave connected while in transport to ensure the input/output jacks don’t suffer any strain.

The ATEM Mini is a great candidate for this method: relatively light-weight with a flat surface on the bottom.


Here’s my rig: Battery powered ATEM Mini Pro