Promises of a rig

Hey LVT crew, this is my intro to your community; I dont have an official rig built yet but it is in progress. I’ll share it all when It’s mostly finished.

Right now I’m looking at getting a streaming computer from Puget Systems, with Atem mini and stream-deck for control. I’ll be streaming live, and then editing the live-stream down into shorter form content.

I’ll mainly be asking questions about computers and software to get the kind of stream I need - its going to be a game-show of sorts. Talk to you soon.

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Hey Bardic_College,
welcome to the community! What cameras will you be using and do you build a mobile or stationary setup?

Stationary set up; right now my cameras include a Cannon SL2, Gopro Hero Black 7, iphone, and Android, and I am budgeting for a new Cannon M200 or Sony depending on what I can manage.

Still waiting for Adorama to get the ATEM minipros