Program and multi monitor

Need some help with my ATEM Mini Pro setup to be able to display the program on a monitor running on my computer.
My setup needs to be able to see the multiview on the hdmi out (I have a dedicated monitor), the program on a monitor from the computer and record the stream, so I have a hard drive connect to the usb c port.
I have the Ethernet port connected to the computer to be able to use the Atem software for keying H2R overlays.
I have been try to use obs and vlc to capture the stream for the program monitor without much luck.
I feel I am close but not quite getting the settings right. Is there a better way? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Would it not be easier to use the USB C for the monitor and record on the computer at the same time?

The other way around you will need:

  1. to split the HDMI out, one for your multiview monitor, one for your computer
  2. capture the HDMI into your computer via card or something like elgato cam link
  3. extract the quadrant with program e.g. by adding the captured HDMI as video capture device in OSB
  4. display the OBS window in the computer monitor that you need - the result will be scaled from the quadrant captured not sure if quality on that monitor is critical?

Thanks Tim,
I have kind of been doing what you suggested in using the USB C out as the monitor through an OBS window as the program and recording on the computer. But the computer I have been using is fairly low spec and the resulting video quality was very poor. I will add my main computer (i9-9900k, 32GB Ram, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB) into the system today and test.
Thanks for the other suggestion, I will look into that. The quality is not critical but it will be going to a 55" TV. I have a Atmos Ninja V I can use as a pass through back into the computer, so I will try that and scale the OBS window.

Success! :smile:
Thanks to @tim_hughes I have manage to do a separate program monitor + multiview monitor hack for the ATEM Mini Pro.
I used a Blackmagic Intensity Pro Card with a HDMI in and HDMI out port. I ran the ATEM HDMI out into the HDMI in port on the Intensity Card, then the HDMI out of the Intensity card to a monitor (BENQ PD Series) to get the multiview. Then in OBS I setup a scene with a Video Capture Device and selected the Intensity Card as the source and scaled up the multiview to only see the program on my large TV monitor (Make sure the framerate is correct in OBS).