Problems with ghosting on my telepresence moter


For those of you that uses a teleprompter with a monitor do you get any shadows/ghosting?

On my setup I experience ghosting worse on a monitor than an ipad. I waiting for a replacement glass to see if that helps.

The seller says the teleprompter is not designed for a monitor it’s designed for an ipad. Seems strange that the monitor has more shadows/ghosting. I would think the it would be the same could be something optical…

Another thing my ipad pro 9.7” is 550 nits still a my monitor at 450 nits at 50” is still brighter than the ipad.

Grateful for any input since I might need to buy another teleprompter to minimise the ghosting.

I regularly use teleprompters and never have had issues with ghosting caused by the monitor. But it is very easy to have problems with lense flares when using autocue hoods from either lights hitting the lense directly or by reflecting off the monitor.
I would suggest to run the monitor at the lowest brightness level that allows you to read as that will also help minimise any flare or contrast issues. 550 nits is a very bright light to be boucing light into your lense.

TimB: Thanks. What teleprompter and monitor are you using? Good point about taking the brightness down. For a teleprompter a monitor seem to require less brightness than an ipad…

Any chance you can take a photo of the teleprompter with white text on black background on the monitor so I can compare to mine

I shoot with a variety of prompters from a small hood with ipads, to full broadcast autocue setups. I don’t have any pics of the screens but here are a few setups.

TimB Thanks for sharing.