Problems running ATEM control software on same machine as Zoom

When running ATEM software control on a machine that is connected to the ATEM via USB and running Zoom, I’ve noticed the webcam input to Zoom periodically cuts out (presumably when the ATEM software is talking to the ATEM). Both the Computer and ATEM were connected via Ethernet as well, but it appears the software was using the USB connection. Has anyone else seen this? Is there a workaround? Everything works fine if I run the ATEM control software on a 2nd machine, but I was trying to streamline the setup.


I actually run the ATEM software and Zoom on the same machine quite often and have never noticed a drop out. I am connected by both USB and Ethernet as well. Are you sure that this is the problem? I have had problems with Zoom loosing my audio in the past but I think I’ve eliminated that now, and I don’t think it was down to the ATEM software.

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That’s great to know Jon, Thanks! I’ll go back and try it again and see if I can identify the problem.