Presenting Online Live, On-Camera and On-Mic While Directing and Switching Your Production!

Today I did my first live presentation to a client group with my rig integrated into the Zoom meeting to demonstrate the video production and Live Streaming capabilities of my set-up built around the ATEM Mini Pro. I probably didn’t totally suck but oh man, all I can say is I have an additional exponential multiple amount of respect and admiration for Aaron Parecki, John Barker and Curtis Judd for doing their Live Stream shows with such aplomb, finesse and professionalism.

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Congrats! The first is always the hardest!

Every event is a chance to improve future productions! The best way to get better at this is to do it often. I swear no amount of studying and watching others is a substitute for actual hands on experience. Just gotta jump in and do it and make a few mistakes along the way and use those to improve the next one!


Thanks, Aaron…you helped get me to where I am at this point. I’ve certainly done a lot of practicing with friends and family with my rig on Zoom and Skype but even that, while I’m sure helped, is not the same as doing an actual video meeting or live stream session with clients. But you’re right… I’ll probably be better next time and the next time, etc. Whew!

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Sometimes a parrot teleprompter is a good purchase $300 if you want to use that to help you focus on the screen.
Also recommend that if you have any monitoring outputs then have them close to the camera as you’ll naturally be looking to check that everything is working. I have my sound meter directly under my camera as I always know if vision is working but this gives me audio out.

Finally think of a stream deck or whatever as the light switch that you know how to find drunk as a skunk in the dark and set up the main ones that you will use accordingly. top right and top left are the obv two and then up to you.

Practice makes perfect. Remember you can stream unlisted and go through your show in advance and then watch it back. always good to dry run before you go live to the world… especially if bringing in guests over Skype or a digital audio source etc.


Thanks, Ross! Appreciate all your good advice. I’ve been running a location, conference and event recording company for 20 years. I produce shows for others and am never on camera myself…except now I’m giving these presentations to clients and prospective clients. I’m good speaking on the fly without a script because these are spontaneous discussions on Skype and Zoom. The more I operate the production gear while on camera the better I’ll get. Stream Deck will probably be my next addition to the arsenal. Thanks, again!