Powerpoint presentation in the teleprompter

Hi guys,

just found a nice hack for a teleprompter problem I was having: A typical setup we use, is putting speakers in front of a green screen which we replace with their powerpoint - usually live, sometimes in post.
So far we had always put the pc with the presentation directly below the camera instead of a teleprompter, but as the speaker is quite close to the cam it was always obvious, that he/she was looking elsewhere.
Now I got us a cheap teleprompter with beamsplitter glass, but I did not want to retype all the text for one of the typical prompter apps, but rather use the presentation directly. The problem however, was to get it flipped, so it would show up correctly in the mirror.
The solution I found eventually was through NDI. I send the presentation into Scan Converter and then to an old windows tablet, where I display it in NDI studio monitor, and …tata… the studio monitor software offers the option to flip the image horizontally (or vertically). Nice!



Nice one Raimund, thanks!