Potential hardware "restream" with ATEM & web presenter?

Hey everybody, I have sort of a crazy idea I wanted to run past you with the ATEM and the web presenter.

So the last blackmagic presentation revealed a new ATEM extreme, a new web presenter, and BMD released a whole host of new HDMI > SDI converters.

Well, the web presenter has given me a few ideas now.

  1. Could we potentially use the web presenter as a hardware alternative to Restream?
  • ATEM extreme 2nd HDMI out > SDI Converter > Webpresenter.
  • ATEM streams via ethernet per usual to destination 1.
  • Webpresenter streams to destination 2, but also uses SDI out to another web presenter which streams to an ADDITIONAL location, etc. etc. etc. with as many web presenters as you have.

Would this be a feasible solution? If so, you could rig up 3-4 of these and have a hardware solution, eliminating the subscription fees of Restream, Vimeo live, etc.

  1. Could the webpresenter be an adequate solution to the remote guest problem?
  • Send a WP + cam to a guest. They stream to a stream bridge. Webcam out to a zoom call.
  • Host also uses a WP to webcam out to a zoom call.

Just some quick thinking on possibilities. I’ve never used a web presenter, but I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on this!

There’s just the problem of network bandwidth at your streaming location.
Other than that, it’s perfectly feasible, but a lot more expensive than using a mini-pc or a raspberry pi as a local restreaming server.

Hmmm interesting. Do you have any resources for doing that with raspberry pi?

Also, I have 1gb fiber. I’m curious about a setup like this at our home office, and having my atem go to an on-site streaming bridge at the home office where I know the internet is crazy fast.

Try one of these

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Fantastic, thank you so much for sharing this!