Portable Streaming Rig

Finally got my kit put together. Still some work to do but I’m happy with the results so far.

Pelican 1550 Case
Lilliput A7s monitor
ThinkPad Yoga 12
Mackie ProFX6v3
Adjustable laptop riser
GL.iNet Router (not pictured, mounted in lid after photos)
Headphone jack out of the monitor in the lid to the front of the case.
Cold-shoe mounts on lid to mount camera and light, if needed.
Left some room in front of the mixer in case I want to add a StreamDeck later for macros.


How do you fix your ATEM Mini Pro to the case? What’s underneath?

At the moment it’s actually just Velcro / hook & loop tape. Down the road I may recess it into the deck, but I like the level of the buttons as it is now, and it gets plenty of ventilation sitting on top. Plus, I didn’t want to punch holes for fans until I tried it out on top first.

When you are happy with your setup, please share more detail. Thank you.

Here are some more photos of the kit. I added a power switch next to the plug so I don’t have to yank the cord to turn off the equipment. I’m debating adding a fuse in-line as well, though the power strip under the deck has one built in already.
For my video podcast and trainings I have a camera mounted in one of the cold-shoes on the lid. I have a couple Aputure-MC lights I can mount on the other shoe if I need more light. In venues, I can mount one of the lights to a cold-shoe for tech light.
Currently, only the power input is side mounted on the case. External HDMI and Ethernet lines are direct runs into the case into the equipment. I can keep the cables clean coming in to the case, but may add case-mounted ports as port-savers into the ATEM. If I decided to recess the ATEM, then I’ll definitely add the external ports, but I’m pretty happy with it attached to the top of the deck.
The deck is melamine-laminated pressboard with toolbox drawer covers glued and stapled to it. In the lid I have 3/8" plywood with the same cover material glued and stapled that the monitor and router are mounted to.
Under the laptop stand I have a dual SD card reader that connects to the ATEM via USB-C. I use this to record to and can swap the SD cards between sessions so that I can dump footage on the fly.
All closed up, the kit only weighs 25 lbs (11.34 kg), so is easy to transport. I also have a small toolbox suitcase that I carry other accessories in, such as the headphones, extension cords, a couple 100’ ethernet cables, mics, lights, etc.

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Nice work! I’d consider swapping your power switch for one with a cover, I’d be worried about it getting bumped.

I had the same consideration when I was looking for a switch. But, on the idea list is to add an outlet to the case as well, which would place the switch between the inlet and the outlet, so sort of a designed bump protection.