Portable Case With Built-in Display For The ATEM Mini Extreme

  • Polypropylene Molded Case
  • 13.3in 1000nit 1080p IPS LCD Display
  • ATEM Mini Extreme Mount
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Mount
  • BMD Bidirectional SDI-HDMI Micro Converter Mount
  • Netgear 4-port Network Switch Mount
  • Built-in 10 HDMI Plugs
  • Built-in 4 SDI Plugs
  • Built-in 2 1/4in Audio Jack plugs
  • Built-in Ethernet Plug

Hong1Jung, nice case, is this case for sale. What case are you using?

You can buy the case at www.pingnow.store. The manufacturer of the case is seahorse.net.

Very clean and look forward to your future dual screen options.