Pope John Paul II Live Event

I don’t think is the fanciest rig you’ll ever see but it worked!

I just used vMix with its built in text graphic to automate the name and appearances of the guests. There were 6 people for the whole show. They were seeing the Master Video and Audio Output when live but I also created a “waiting room” (“Sala de espera” in the shown image) for them to chat while one of them was doing its conference (that one could not hear people in waiting room). There they could also talk to me there.

It’s a really great feeling to create shortcuts and triggers in vMix. And it consumes much less resources than Wirecast in my testing.

This is the result:

The result looks very clean and professional!
Did you use 6 simultaneous vMix calls?

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Thank you!

Yes! There were actually 7 calls (one of them was for my partner to see the actual Master Output in real-time).

It works great even with old pcs and “bad internet connection”.

Can you explain how you realised the “waiting room”? Did you create an audio bus for all non-visible guests to which you route them according to the active vMix Input?

I’ll try to explain my audio rig. I have Master Audio and three Audio Buses:

  • A - Guests and my microphone
  • B - Empty
  • C - Guests without my microphone

The waiting room is Video Output 2 and people there listen Bus A (I have Solo Bus C so I don’t listen my own voice). When someone is on air, he gets Master Video Output and Master Audio so he doesn’t listen to the other guests. BUT they can actually hear him and talk between them. A waiting room.

I have also buttons for each guest so when I pressed them I change them to Bus B, where only him and I can talk and nobody else can listen.

I think that I could avoid Bus C but I didn’t find the way to not listen to my own microphone.

Hope that makes sense!

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