Please remove my post "Long fade Macro Part 1" in Resources


I was not able to achieve what I wanted due to restrictions in the forum. Please remove my post “Long fade Macro Part 1” in Resources

I need to figure out how to share the macro and the corresponding Excel file used during creation.

I’ve deleted the post. Let me know if there’s some restriction the forum is giving you that you need to work around. There’s a lot of settings here and they might need some fine tuning.

Hi, I first tried to upload the Excel file that creates the fade which was blocked (that I chatted about in your stream this weekend. Then I tried to upload the macro itself but that was blocked due to too many characters.


Upload the excel file to google drive and share the link might be the easiest way?

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Yeah best bet is probably to upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox and then post a link to that. Thanks!