Playing own as well, in H2R

This is quite of a shameless question. Maybe this feature is already available, maybe this is a stupid question, and the answer is obvious. Maybe it’s already asked 100 times and I should be able to find the answer on google. However, I’m feeling lucky and confident that this is where I’m most likely to get an answer.

I am looking into live streaming with an ATEM Mini Pro. I would like to be able to do very custom made lower thirds made in after effects, but also be able to use other features in H2R graphics.

This is how I see the setup. H2R with the green screen video output of a macbook pro. A button where I can play videos that I’ve setup with the same green screen #HEXCODE. May it be custom made advanced graphics or 2 minute videos that have a graphic “wipe” (that’s what i call it, a graphical element that gradually covers the video until the video starts and the background is gone). Is this possible today or would it be possible to implement? A “simple” (no idea if its simple) quicktime .mov-player where I can cue up different elements.


Come to think of it, maybe there is another program that is more suitable for these kind of things?

The problem with VLC and such is that when the videos have played, the green screen will go away. I need a kind of player that continuously displays green screen between videos, that I can output from a macbook through HDMI to my ATEM Mini Pro.

Again, sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m very much new to this.

Thank you for this forum, great idea!

Right now you might want to look into other software to do this. Have you hear of Casper CG? It’s made to do this sort of thing (but comes with a learning curve). Otherwise I would have suggested VLC

H2R is awesome, if you could mix a (video) media player in the output it would be perfect !!!
With the 4 input limit of the ATEM mini’s combining the graphics and a video player into a single channel would be great.

Having said that, this isn’t a complaint because anyone that complains about something free is an @#$hole. I’m just making a wish.

I would be happy to pay for this app. The only alternatives I have found that incorporate media and graphics are singular and vmix, both priced prohibitively for my small scale operation.


I very much appreciate your message and you are certainly not asking to much haha it’s one the list and I hope to add something like that one day!

I’m going to recommend VLC here with its playlist and a difficult-to-find option turned on. It’s on the main “Interface Settings” tab and is called “Pause on the last frame of a video” (at least on my version in Windows). It’s right there, but I can never seem to find it.

As it sounds, it pauses video on the last frame. It also pauses still images after the 10 seconds that it “plays” them. I actually load still describing the next video so that I have confidence that I’m at the right point in the playlist. You’ll probably want to turn off other options like showing the name of the file, and the playback controls. I just found another preference that I’ll be taking advantage of–“Show controls in full screen mode”. That means I won’t have to hit Ctrl-H to hide the controls every time.

You can load video and still images however you like in the playlist. You can choose N-ext and P-revious with those keyboard shortcuts, or use Companion’s VLC instance which offers the same plus a few more commands.

With Windows and two monitors, I can run H2R Graphics and VLC fullscreen on the same monitor. I can Alt-Tab or click the taskbar icon to select which is on top. The only danger is if I hover over a task bar icon (actually the window thumbnail) too long, Windows hides the open windows and shows my desktop and the window I hovered over. A green/black background would make it a bit safer.

I’d suppose there would be a similar option in MacOS, but I don’t know that I have ever run two windows in fullscreen mode. I’d try swiping four fingers, but I can never remember what direction.

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