PK1 Extreme DIY 3D print

Just got the STL files to print this.

Noticed that the top bar is not 3D printed and replaced with a 350mm x 20mm Aluminum Extrusion bar… which is next to impossible to find. I looked in Canada (where I am) and the US … Amazon has it as unavailable.

Any ideas where I can get this?

The rest is pretty clear

McMaster-Carr 20mm Aluminum Extrusion

Thanks for the find… this is a 20 mm through (2020) whereas the one that’s needed is 40mm wide (2040v)

PK1 Extreme DIY 3D Printed Stand STL Files

From the drawing it looks like it would be a 2020?.

2040 -

@aaronpk , can you clear this up? the drawing seems to indicate a 320x20x20 bar… where as your link indicates a 2040v… the link searches for this in Amazon: iverntech 2pcs 350mm 2040v european standard anodized black aluminum profile extrusion linear rail for 3d printer and cnc diy laser engraving machine

I think the link is broken when I click on it it just brings me to a page of similar items

Shoot, I was worried that might happen with the links. Looks like even the Amazon listing of the one I bought has changed.

The bar should be 20x20x350mm.