Overview of my compact mobile streaming rig

Hi everybody !!

I don’t do a lot of mobile streaming, but for when there is a need for a mobile stream I have put together a fairly compact mobile streaming rig. Here’s a video overview of it


I know it looks a bit clunky, but it all sits nicely on a tripod with no wires trailing off anywhere.


Nice compact, custom solution.

Just a suggestion - would it make more sense to connect the USB dongle via a short USB extension cable and position it on top of the vidiu (as long as the cable doesn’t affect its performance)?

The dongle is quite vulnerable to taking a whack whilst sticking out like that and that could either interrupt the stream or, worst case, damage the usb connection of the (expensive) vidiu!

That’s a very good point thanks, I will get a short USB extension cable :+1:


a 90 degree angled cable, something like these - Amazon.co.uk : right angle usb extension - might be the best option to reduce cables sticking out from the sides. Either the ‘up/down’ or ‘left/right’ versions, whichever you think best works with your setup.

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Thanks for that, just ordered a set of up/down versions (one of each)