Ordered an Atem PK1?

I ordered my PK1 ATEM stand today. The design looks fabulous and the YouTube video was clear and enjoyable. I can’t wait to see how it looks on my desk!

I wanted to thank Aaron and both Joseph and Matt at Extrinsic Media in the UK for their efforts.

Now can you please design a similar stand for the rest of the stuff on my desk!


I agree, the design is very well thought out and Aaron did a great job presenting it in his video. Sadly it really doesn’t work with my current layout, but it was so cool I was still tempted to order one. I didn’t…yet…

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It’s here! Thanks to Matt at Extrinsic Media in the UK for the excellent service . As you can see, they even put the nuts in place and supplied the screws.

I doubt that you Americans will get a free packet of sweets with yours.

The dilemma I face now is whether I eat the Haribo or assemble the stand first!

Thanks, too, to Aaron. Will post a pic of my loaded-up PK1 later;)


I got the shipping notice on mine from the DVE Store yesterday. Will have it in a few days. I got the fully outfitted kit.

I ate my Haribo first as the one thing I’ve studiously avoided since lockdown is the consumption of unnecessary calories … they were a real treat, as is the stand.

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My desk is much clearer tonight than it was this morning! Now to do something about the cable management…

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Subsequently I found one minor design/manufacturing “flaw”. The captive nuts are not set far enough into the body and therefore the M4 bolts which Smallrig provides with their cheeseplates do not engage sufficiently with the captive nuts. Therefore I had to purchase some longer bolts. I used 30mm (1.25") M4 bolts which were perfect as I was able to add a 2nd nut as a “locknut” which will ensure the bolts will not vibrate free.

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hmm that’s strange, I intentionally made it so the nuts don’t sink in all the way (keeps those parts thinner), but the screws should still be long enough. Can you tell what length of screws you got? I have the list of screws it’s designed for here: PK1 Pro ATEM Mini Stand

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It was this. Tomorrow morning I will get my micrometer from my workshop & measure the exact length of the provided black screws.

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I used old technology … thread length is 13mm

okay yeah those should be 16mm long according to my parts list. That would explain it. I thought DVE Store had been bundling it with the right screws though, at least the sample they sent me was correct.

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Sorry for any confusion, it’s in the thread above but probably got lost - mine isn’t from the DVE store but from the UK Distributor.

The ones I got in the UK are fine. Maybe just a one-off error. Thankfully, no-one else here has reported that issue, it seems!

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