Optimum production process?

I’m trying to get more organized in the planning and delivery of live-streaming and thinking about what the optimum production process should be.

It’s been a steep learning curve the past couple of months driven by the lockdown measures, and I’m very grateful to all the customers who have been happy to jointly explore the possibilities of the format. We’ve had some success, but also a few bumps in the road.

I’ve had a look but so far didn’t find too much on the whole end to end process for live-stream production. Based on my limited experience so far I see it as something like this, being a blend of event planning and filmmaking with a couple of specific extras:


  • Define purpose and success criteria
  • Research target audience
  • Define key messages
  • Confirm date/time, panelists, support team, hosting location
  • Choose streaming platform/s


  • Define stream schedule
  • Build storyboard
  • Brief panelists and support team
  • Gather media required
  • Define technical setup for location
  • Initiate marketing campaign


  • Test all elements of the technical setup
  • Define and test recovery plans in case of technical failures
  • Rehearse with panelists


  • Setup and complete final checks
  • Live stream!

Post event

  • Follow-up engagement with participants
  • Assess whether objectives achieved
  • Capture learning points for next event

Feedback would be much appreciated, anything missing? Key lessons learned to include?


The absolute most important point in my opinion. You can prepare so many things and when you try them out they don’t work as expected. One of the most important things I learned so far, practice, practice.

Apart from that: Really nice list, looks very complete to me. Although I think, you will do many of these things automatically when you are more experienced.

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This is a good list!

But like Sven said, practice is the most important part. That’s part of the reason I’ve been doing weekly streams myself, to keep practicing and trying new things.

Back before quarantine I was volunteering at a local meetup filming their talks, which also gave me a good opportunity to try things out in a low stakes but real environment.

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Thank you @aaronpk and @sven.

Regarding practice, maybe I’ll try doing some of my own too! I have one group that I’m supporting on a weekly basis - online comedy show - and that’s been great to push the boundaries with trying new things.


  • Preroll image / media
  • Intro / outro music


  • List platforms and determine how to set titles and category (automated using CDN or manually on each site?)


  • Run preroll until audio/video broadcast is confirmed
  • Mark times of topic changes
  • Check chat every 1-2 minutes during main segment, more often during Q&A
  • On outro if this is a Zoom meeting let guests mingle with audio deactivated
  • During outro display text info about sponsors & hosts

Post event

  • Facebook / YouTube - trim event start and end
  • Twitch - highlight

Thanks Karl, that’s a great help!