Online comedy show

Since corona stopped live standup comedy, the local team switched to online streaming in a live show format. The show has two hosts who introduce acts from around the world who are right now at home and not able to tour. The basic setup is web conference for the hosts and acts, OBS to add video clips for transitions then stream to YouTube live. I’ll add some bts pics when I’m back on my computer. They started with everyone using zoom. After a few weeks I got involved to add multi cam and better green screen keying for the hosts using atem mini. We’ve now moved from zoom to Skype for the NDI link to OBS and ability to have several acts on screen at once. It’s a lot of fun testing the boundaries of what is possible!

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Can’t wait to see some pics, this sounds fantastic!

Hey Aaron, here you go. This shows the hosts in action, I’ll take more this week and try to keep the wiring tidy :slight_smile: The rig consists of main camera c200 sending rec709, with additional canon DSLRs via Ninja V’s (to get rec709). Feeds come to Atem Mini for chroma keying then into Skype -> OBS -> Youtube. Sound is via wired lavs direct to the Atem Mini and using the EQ improves it a lot. My preview monitor is an old repurposed sony DSLR monitor.

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This week’s show needed just one camera. Fairly basic setup compared with the other amazing rigs here! The complexity comes from bringing together multiple people on screen at the same time. If anyone wants to watch the show it’s here: - warning though, it’s R rated for content so please don’t watch if you may be offended.

I’ll post on elsewhere about what I’ve learned with Skype the past week or so.

Would love to hear how Skype is going for you with multi-caller. The lack of individual audio has been a shortcoming since they released NDI in Skype for Content Creators

Hi Joe, we have a sound check with all the participants starting about an hour before we start and yes it’s one audio source for the whole call, but it’s proving ok. Still looking for another solution for video…

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Haha, just watched the “Mansplainer” :slight_smile: Great stuff!
Just one tip (from an, actually, still amateur) would be to add a light from the above on the hosts/guests, in order to get even better separation for the green screen keying out.
I’m looking at the images here and I see you took good care of the side lights for the green screen, key lights are fine, but no dedicated hair light, right?
This can be tricky because you’d need a C-stand for that. I’ve seen a setup when they used the same light you’re using from the sides of the green screen, they only positioned it above. Maybe they just hung it from the ceiling somehow, I don’t remember…
Just my 2c, the content is always most important of course :slight_smile:

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thanks @homesick I’ve since added some lights and can do hair light now :slight_smile:

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Happy to hear that!!

And this week we restart the show as effectively lockdown has come back. Stay tuned :slight_smile: