One Button Mute/Unmute in Companion?

Hi, First post, but been lurking for a while. I have been rocking an Atem Mini for some time, using Companion and StreamDeck - mainly for corporate presentations into Zoom and other virtual event and webinar platforms.

I’ve added a second mic (wireless lav) and I have been trying to add two buttons to my stream deck, one each to toggle mute on/off for each mic. I can’t seem to figure this out, as there seems to be no way (either through direct commands or Macros) to toggle audio on/off per mic. Has anyone figured out if this is possible? I don’t want to dedicate two buttons to each mic!


I recommend posting in the Bitfocus github project for companion requests:

Good call Karl - thanks…

What was the problem with macro?

I have “mute all” buton on my stream deck. I use macro to do this. Can you be more specfic what was the problem in your case?

coudln’t you create 4 Macros :
Mic 1 on Mic 1 off
Mic 2 on Mic 2 off
and the on companion set the button to latch.
Set Macro mic1 on on press and mic 1 off on key up

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Ahh, of course! Thanks Jonas. I was trying to figure out how to toggle at the Macro/Atem level and didn’t think about it at the Companion level - programmed and all working perfectly! Now on to my final task of programming all the macro’s for lower thirds video from my Pi using Playoutbee :smirk:

I’m currently using macros - the gotcha is that if you change the mic mute status from anywhere else it won’t sync up. I’d love to have a proper companion support for status updates based on real status.

For example, if you use the macro to do one action, then the physical button on the atem to toggle the other way, your StreamDeck UI state will be out of sync. But the macros do work!

I’d suggest doing this directly in Companion (i.e., without ATEM macros) and without a “latch” button. The problem with the latch is that as @BensTechLab notes, you get out-of-sync if you control the ATEM any other way.

Here’s what I do (which I think is what you’re asking for?):

(I have this and a few other companion buttons posted on GitHub if you’d rather import than recreate.)